Almost a year Post Op…

It’s been about 11 months since my surgery. I am amazed at how much better it looks now. It’s better, but I am not “totally happy.” I think my nips got pretty messed up in the grafting process (it happens). And the seromas caused fluid to become more tissue like and become more permanent. I had them drained a few times, but clearly should have had the seromas drained more often. (No one told me at the time but it seems obvious to me now)

I am considering a revision. I thought Dr. Fischer and her staff were very nice, but part of me wishes I had just done double incision with Brownstein (my B cup size was too big for Brownstein to do a keyhole and so I chose Fischer because she agreed to do it). Hard to say though whether the Brownstein experience would have been satisfying either. Being closer to home made a big difference to me, and it would have been nearly impossible to get my seromas drained at all if I had not been close enough to do the 4 hour drive back to Maryland every couple weeks.

At some point I decided to just stop expecting my chest to start looking a lot better and move on with my life even if my chest is not perfect.

The revision with Fischer would be another $3450 which seems like a lot to me right now.

My chest is totally passable under  a t shirt, but if you look closely at my chest (through a T-shirt) you can see the puffiness under my pec muscle. If I loose weight and work out more I am sure this would improve.

Thanks to everyone in the FTM community for their comments and posts. I hope my images help others make good decisions.


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